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JRP would like to wish Happy New Year 2011 to all loyal customer,player,team members,fans and friends.Thanks for keep supporting us.

Zukie / Matnor
Jahang River Paintball

Monday, December 27, 2010

Some picture taken from Friendly Game @ P.A.W field

Marker Review 13 : Angel ARK

The new Angel ARK paintball gun will take you to the top of scenario paintball. The ARK comes to you from Angel Sports, a leader in high end paintball guns. The ARK is one of the most consistent and efficient guns on the market. With an average of 2000 shots per tank (68/45) you can stay on the field longer, causing more havoc for your enemies.

ARK in Woodsball Style

ARK in Speedball Style

  • Shoots over 2000 rounds per tank - No more long walks to queue at the fill station. Stay in the game longer
  • Unbelievable consistency - Achieve incredible accuracy, shot after shot
  • Introducing the D-Lite valve - Durable and lightweight valve capable of extreme cycle speeds
  • APEXTM ready - Muzzle break comes complete with mounting grooves to accept an ApexTM tip
  • Military standard piccitiny rails - Stealth, CQB, Sniper. Add the accessories you need to complete your mission
  • Quick release stock mount - Rear dovetail mounting system allows for quick application or removal of the C.A.R. stock
  • Full colour, super clear, OLED interface - With rear scroll wheel for simple feature navigation
  • NEW through flow bolt - Booster Bolt 2" ensures gas is pre-delivered to cushion the ball and prevent breakages
  • Advanced software - By Rabid
  • Self cleaning eyes - Vent holes in the bolt deliver small quantities of gas with each shot to keep the eyes dirt and debris free ensuring smooth operation
  • 4-way adjustable magnetic trigger - Adjust breakaway tension, return strength, start point and trigger stop point
  • Preset modes - Millennium, PSP, Semi, Auto, Demo, Custom
  • Magno valve - Magnetic repulsion valve system offers increased consistency and efficiency
  • Low pressure operation - Low cycle and firing pressures make AR:K even more gentle on super fragile paintballs
  • Easy adjust ASA - Fully adjustable complete with On/Off and purge vent
  • Clamping, no-rise, feed tube - Ultra low profile

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What Is Scenario Paintball? The rules.

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