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JRP would like to wish Happy New Year 2011 to all loyal customer,player,team members,fans and friends.Thanks for keep supporting us.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Some picture taken from Friendly Game @ P.A.W field

Marker Review 13 : Angel ARK

The new Angel ARK paintball gun will take you to the top of scenario paintball. The ARK comes to you from Angel Sports, a leader in high end paintball guns. The ARK is one of the most consistent and efficient guns on the market. With an average of 2000 shots per tank (68/45) you can stay on the field longer, causing more havoc for your enemies.

ARK in Woodsball Style

ARK in Speedball Style

  • Shoots over 2000 rounds per tank - No more long walks to queue at the fill station. Stay in the game longer
  • Unbelievable consistency - Achieve incredible accuracy, shot after shot
  • Introducing the D-Lite valve - Durable and lightweight valve capable of extreme cycle speeds
  • APEXTM ready - Muzzle break comes complete with mounting grooves to accept an ApexTM tip
  • Military standard piccitiny rails - Stealth, CQB, Sniper. Add the accessories you need to complete your mission
  • Quick release stock mount - Rear dovetail mounting system allows for quick application or removal of the C.A.R. stock
  • Full colour, super clear, OLED interface - With rear scroll wheel for simple feature navigation
  • NEW through flow bolt - Booster Bolt 2" ensures gas is pre-delivered to cushion the ball and prevent breakages
  • Advanced software - By Rabid
  • Self cleaning eyes - Vent holes in the bolt deliver small quantities of gas with each shot to keep the eyes dirt and debris free ensuring smooth operation
  • 4-way adjustable magnetic trigger - Adjust breakaway tension, return strength, start point and trigger stop point
  • Preset modes - Millennium, PSP, Semi, Auto, Demo, Custom
  • Magno valve - Magnetic repulsion valve system offers increased consistency and efficiency
  • Low pressure operation - Low cycle and firing pressures make AR:K even more gentle on super fragile paintballs
  • Easy adjust ASA - Fully adjustable complete with On/Off and purge vent
  • Clamping, no-rise, feed tube - Ultra low profile

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What Is Scenario Paintball? The rules.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Proto REFLEX 2011 Review

Marker Review 12 : Proto REFLEX Rail 2011

After much anticipation, the 2011 Proto Reflex Rail is finally available for release. With all of the features included on the 2011 Proto Reflex Rail, this will be one of the hottest paintball guns of the year.

Order your 2011 Proto Reflex Rail today and be one of the first players on the field with this new toy!

The 2011 Proto Reflex Rail is one of the first Rail series gun to come stock with a 2 piece barrel. The 2 Piece Proto barrel is a 14 inch .690 bore barrel which is very industry standard.

Hyper3 regulator is included on the 2011 Proto Reflex Rail as well. The Hyper3 is equipped with a soft touch rubber grip as well as a 360 swivel arm which keeps your macroline out of the way.

With an operating pressure of roughly 140 PSI, the Proto Reflex Rail will be very easy on even the most brittle of paintballs. To also help from chopping or breaking paint in the gun, the Reflex Rail has a self cleaning eye pipe system which also houses the ball detentes.

2011 Proto Reflex Rail paintball guns have a 25 ball per second max rate of fire. With this much fire power, you will not be outgunned in even the most extreme battles.

When you hold the 2011 Proto Reflex Rail, you will notice the Aircraft Grade aluminum grip frame with ultralite ergonomic styling. This is one of the most comfortable grips in paintball and includes an Ultralite aluminum trigger.

ANSgear custom product description for the 2011 Proto Reflex Rail Paintball gun. Please do not remove this content from ANSgear without prior written consent.

1. 2 piece, 14" Barrel with .690 micro honed back part
2. Hyper3 regulator soft touch rubber and 360 degree swivel arm
3. Anti Chop eyes4. Self cleaning eye pipe technology with integrated ball detents
4. 140psi operating pressure6. Proto dual density sticky grips
5. Led program control with four tournament modes and rate of fire adjustment
6. Aircraft grade aluminum Proto Reflex Rail 45 frame with ultralite ergonomic styling
7. Ultralite Proto Reflex Rail aluminum trigger
8. Cam lock feed neck
9. Screwed together bolt with metal back cap for easy access
10. Proto on/off airport
11. Easy release adjustable airport mount
12. 1200 shot efficiency from 68 ci / 4500psi tank
13. Proto Reflex Rail Maximum ROF 25bps

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