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Marker Review 16 : Macdev Drone Tactical

For years now MacDev have made high end markers for use in tournament paintball. The designers at MacDev have now made a new marker specifically designed for use in scenario paintball.


The Drone is CNC machined from solid Aluminium billets, without castings or cheap plastic parts, you will receive the same quality expected from MacDev high end tournament markers.

Pneumatic Drive

The Tactical Drone is based on a simplified, valveless version of the popular Droid marker of 2008, however it has enough changes to the drive system to make it a new design in its own right.

The pneumatic drive is fed by the next generation of inline regulator, the new Gladiator RX2. The new inline boasts industry leading flow, recharge, reliability and ease of maintenance.


The board inside the Drone is based on the Cyborg RX electronic platform, however programming and feedback is achieved via a chameleon LED housed in the rear of the grip frame. A powerful microprocessor achieves lightning fast firing response and allows the user to access fire modes and select fire options.

Limitless Potential

Add-ons for the Drone will give almost limitless combinations and customisation to your marker, the Drone is the perfect platform for your ideal scenario machine-gun.

Tactical Drone Details

Barrel Threads: Autococker

Stock Barrel: 12" single piece

Inline Regulator: Gladiator RX2

Power Supply: 9V

Board: programmable select fire

Length(with barrel): 475mm

Width: 225mm

Height: 45mm

Weight (no barrel): 961g

Propellant: Air/N2

Air efficiency: 1400+/68/4500psi

WCA 2011 Result

Paintball World Cup Asia (WCA) 2011

Congratulations to all Podium Finishers!!

D1 Podium Finishers:
... Champions - Datis (Iran)
2nd - Reaper (South Africa)
3rd - STK (Australia)
4th - Infernal (Thailand)

D2 Podium Finishers:
Champions - Alien 11 (Thailand)
2nd - Hellbourne (Thailand)
3rd - Mamba (Africa)
4th - Massacre UAE (UAE)

D3 Podium Finishers:
Champions - Diako (Iran)
2nd - Rogue Assassins (Australia)
3rd - Golden Dragons (Philippines)
4th - Tension (Australia)

D4 Podium Finishers:
Champions - Armada Shooter (Malaysia)
2nd - Vindicated (Malaysia)
3rd - CMX Badai (Malaysia)
4th - Jogja United (Indonesia)

Intercontinental Cup 2011
Champions - Ton Tons (France)
2nd - Ironmen (USA)
3rd - Datis (Iran)
4th - STK (Australia)

Langkawi Command & Conquer International Paintball Challenge 2011
Champions - Raskal Avenger
2nd - Unknown
3rd - Blitz
4th - Ronin Nexus

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