Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paintball Valley October Fest 2010

Masa: 24hb Oktober · 9.00 pagi - 5.30 ptg

Lokasi: Paintball Vallley@Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Shah Alam

Direka Oleh: Paintball Valley Malaysia


Lebih info: Paintballl Games, BBQ, Karaoke, Drinks, Open Casting, Lucky Draw, and many more..register today first come first serve.

PLUS Paintball flea market (anybody want to to sell anything related to paintball are welcomes)

For more information please call:

1. ROSLIM ABU +6 019 2029303
2. LUKE AHMAD +6 017 6830273
3; GEGE +6 017 3860346.
4. MABLE LEW +6 016 2050104


House Markers Package RM120.00 (500 paintballs plus alls the above).
Own Markers (RM50.00 field rental and all the aboves)

* Non Gamers, spouse, babes and anyBODY who just want to be there (RM30.00).

UiTM Shah Alam Paintball Game 12 October

Thanks to all UiTM Team.You all are cool and sporting.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Marker Review 11 : Inspire Paintball BFG

Marker Review 10 : PROTO Rail PMR 2010

The 2010 Proto Rail PMR Paintball Gun is your stepping stone to greatness. High-end performance in a durable and reliable setup, the Proto Rail is for the serious competitor. Featuring Boost Forward Technology, giving you a cushioned push on the ball and delayed bolt speed for increased air efficiency and high rate of fire.

All new 3-D milling, color coded seals for simplified maintenance, and a host of other features make the 2010 Rail the gun of choice. The durable Rail solenoid features consistent airflow, and with a dwell of 18 milliseconds, you get super fast cycle speeds. The small, light Hyper3 In-Line Air Regulator comes standard. The Hyper3 regulator provides high flow and smooth velocity adjustment, with non-slip grip rings. The ultimate in ergonomic comfort, the Ultralite 45 Frame with fully adjustable trigger, comes standard on the Rail. The solid construction consists of an aluminum body, bolt, Ultralite 45 Frame and trigger. We’ve designed the Rail with the goal of providing you with top-level performance at a reasonable price. Comes with a durable zippered gun case, parts kit, Dye Slick Lube, and 9-volt battery to keep your paintball gun of choice at its peak level.


Two piece 14” Micro Honed Proto barrel
New increased flow Hyper3 in-line air regulator
Anti-chop break beam eye system
150psi Operating pressure with boost forward
Continuous 3d contoured body
Proto dual-density injection sticky grip
LED program control with 4 tournament modes
Ultralite ergonomic 45 frame
New solenoid with increased durability and flow
Ultralite aluminum trigger
Proto on/off airport
Adjustable clamping feedneck with thumbscrew
Compact and lightweight body styling
Metal eyeplates and back cap
BPS: 20+
Modes: SEMI, Full AUTO
Tournament modes: PSP, MILLENIUM
Weight: 1.95 LBS = 885 grams
Materials: Aluminum
Dimensions: L8.5”, H7.25”, W1.25”
Technology: Spool Valve
Operating Pressure: 150PSI

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