Thursday, December 10, 2009


BT 4 COMBAT ( Offical Marker at Jahang River Paintball)

The BT-4 Combat is the second generation of stock markers released by BT paintball. Very similar internally to the Tippmann 98 Custom, and aesthetically very similar to the Tippmann A-5. Its unique feature is that it is the base, or core, of most of all the other BT markers (Save for the TM-7 and BT-16); with fancy upgraded markers like the Delta Elite simply being BT-4's with stock add-ons.

The BT-4 uses the same barrel thread as the Tippmann A5 and the stock (butt) mods of the Tippmann 98 Custom. The barrel thread is also designed to be swapped out so that you may use barrels from other paintball markers.

The Bt-4 Combat is generally enjoyed for its durability and customizability, with a large host of aftermarket add-ons available. Since it is similar to the Tippman98 Custom, it can use many of the same parts and accessories.

The Bt-4 Combat is a poppet valve, blow-back marker. This means that the bolt slides forward to open the valve, and air released from the valve both propels the paintball forward and recocks the bolt for another shot. While this setup is generally quite durable, it generally is louder and less gas efficient then a non blow-back marker.

The main features of a stock bt-4 combat are its adjustable handgrip, adjustable rear sight, sliding feedneck, and 8 inch barrel.

The BT-4 Combat is the choice of demanding players who are looking for a solid and cost effective base to build up with custom parts with the ability to use military spec features. The combat comes with BT reliability and battle tested durability.

FEATURES - Compact and durable marker ideal for stealth with Offset SlideawayTM Feedport.
  • Tournament legal external velocity adjuster.
  • Removable grip frame for quick and easy upgrades.
  • Easily accepts expansion chambers, vertical and horizontal bottle adapters.
  • Works with CO2 or Compressed air.
  • Tactical collapsible car stock.
  • Stainless steel bottomline.
  • Impact resistant baked on coating.
  • Dual Picatinny mounting rails meet Military Standard 1913.
  • Modular trigger system.
  • 1 year full parts and labor warranty.
  • Slide-AwayTM Feedport for easy cleaning, maintenance - Offset for aim and accuracy.
  • Light weight balanced construction.
  • Adjustable vertical front grip.
  • Selecta-BarrelTM adapter allows use of multiple barrel threads.

  • Caliber: .68
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Powered: CO2 or Compressed Air(HP Output)
  • Cycle Rate: 13BPS
  • Main Body Material: Aluminium
  • Accuracy Range: 150+ft

The BT-4 comes with a removable barrel system. This feature allows the user to select a barrel that is suitable for the playing conditions. Standard barrels are mirror honed with a step-bore and porting and stock length is 8 inches.

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