Thursday, January 6, 2011


  • Ultralite Barrel - The industry standard for accuracy, the 2011 DM Series comes stock with the Ultralite 14 inch barrel.
  • Fuse Bolt with Bolt Tip Bumper - The removable one-piece Fuse bolt system operates at 145psi with a shorter flow path resulting in better efficiency. Large front and rear bumpers used in the Fuse bolt, offer greater reliability and smooth shooting.
  • Internal LPR - The miniature modular internal LPR provides more efficient shot consistency. It allows the user to optimize efficiency and reduce kick.
  • Pro-Performance Detents - Durable and super-flexible detents offer supreme tenderness to the most brittle of paint. Flex-spring geometry ensures that balls will not double feed into the breech.
  • No Eyeplates - The 2011 DM Series features a low-maintenance internal patent-pending Eye Pipe anti-chop sensing system that is self cleaning, providing trouble free high rates of fire.
  • Ultralite - Weighing in at 1.9 lbs., the 2011 DM Series is lighter than it's predecessor the DM9.
  • Color Coded O-Rings - Makes it easier to perform regular, scheduled maintenance of your Fuse Bolt system.
  • Ultralite Reach Trigger - Trigger roller bearing inserts give the trigger stability and a smooth swing return. The externally adjustable design allows you to limit the travel of the trigger and spring tension without removing the grip frame or Sticky3 grip. Trigger Reach Adjustment is a first in the painbtall industry, which allows the user to fully customize the trigger for ultimate shooting capability.
  • 2nd Gen. Ultralite Grip Frame - The newest revision of the now famous UL frame offers an improved trigger adjustment system, redesigned battery mounting location, new button cover, and new control button housing system, with heads-up display light alert you to the status of your gun, without having to take your eyes off the game
  • LED Control - High intensity LED provides identification to program functions. The 2011 DM Series features our unique heads-up display light which alerts you to the status of your gun, while still being able to focus on the game.
  • Metal Power Buttons - Metal/rubber button pad features large buttons that can easily be used while wearing gloves. Stainless steel buttons are guaranteed not to fail.
  • Hyper3 - The Hyper3 regulator sports a streamlined diameter with unmatched flow and consistency, while maintaining precise adjustments. The Hyper3 also features an ergonomic Sticky Grip Sleeve providing a more comfortable, textured fore grip.
  • Cam Lock Feed Neck - Low profile locking feed port with adjustable cam lock neck allows you to use your choice of hopper and secure it firmly to the 2011 DM Series without the use of tools.
  • Low Pressure - The low 145 psi operating pressure provides smooth operating performance with minimal shot bounce and noise.
  • Tool-less Ultralite Sticky3 - The full wrap around NT Sticky Grip allows you to easily access the battery and circuit board for programming with no tools. We have also added a front rubber contact pad and rear rubber contact grip, for maximum comfort and stability.
  • Legal Software - Comes with multiple programming modes including PSP and Millennium tournament legal software and 40 ROF setting

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