Friday, January 7, 2011


The New Dye 2011 NT

For 2011 Dye Precision has taken their the flagship NT marker and improved it, yet again. This was not a simple task with the existing NT performance, but that was the bar DYE engineers set for themselves: to make the best even better. In a word: refinement. The result: The superior 2011 NT. Refined to give the user higher performance, even better reliability, and greater range of adjustability.

The 2011 NT provides a new lower 110psi operating pressure allowing you to shoot the most fragile paint on the market today. A simplified color-coded airflow spacer kit allows you to quickly change your set up to fit your exact performance needs. An improved cycling system yields better consistency and overall reliability. The new 2011 NT is sophisticated elegance combined with sheer performance that leads the industry.

Redesigned Rear Spool Bumper

  1. Reduces impact force, resulting is smoother operation
  2. Eliminates possible spool bumper failure
  3. Eliminates possible spool stick

Redesigned Solenoid Manifold

  1. Modified airflow provides more consistent airflow to bolt kit
  2. Creates back pressure to slow spool return and reduce impact force
  3. Helps prevent foreign partials from damaging the solenoid coil
  4. Slightly increased dwell helps improve velocity consistency
  5. Maintains superior rate of fire

Adjusted Bolt Force Balances

  1. Allows for lower operating range, 110psi - 150psi
  2. Reduced recoil, smoother shooting gives better control of marker
  3. Creates quieter sound signature
  4. Ability to shoot far more fragile paint

Simplified Airflow and Spacer Kit System

  1. Color coded
  2. Simplified configuration for desired marker performance
  3. 3 bolt tip inserts, red =.275”ID, blue =.300”ID, green =.340”ID
  4. Only 3 spacer inserts, red green, and yellow

Four Recommended Setting

  1. Super Smooth – Lowest Recoil, Quiet, Shoot the most fragile paint
    • Green bolt tip insert, no spacer insert
    • Operating pressure approximately 110psi
    • Efficiency: 1200-1300 shots off 68/4500 tank
  2. Stock Settings from Factory – balance of all performance features
    • Red bolt tip insert, no spacer insert
    • Operating pressure approximately 120psi
    • Efficiency: approximately 1400 shots off 68/4500 tank
  3. Efficiency One – better efficiency, still well balanced performance
    • Red bolt tip insert, green spacer insert
    • Operating pressure approximately 130psi
    • Efficiency: approximately 1500 shots off 68/4500 tank
  4. Efficiency Two – ultimate spool valve efficiency
    • Red, or blue bolt tip insert, yellow spacer insert
    • Operating pressure approximately 140psi
    • Efficiency: 1600-1700 shots off 68/4500 tank

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