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Customized Tippmann X7

On November 20, 2006, Tippmann launched their X-7 marker product line in cooperation with Special Ops Paintball. Tippmann boasted that it is the most customizable marker on the market, claiming over 1000 different looks.

The X-7 is the next generation A-5. While similar in general design, the X-7 is different is a few subtle ways.

  • It has a new soft paddle cyclone that can achieve up to 20 balls per second.
  • The marker body has been modified to be sleeker and has more accessory rails.
  • The X-7 is generally (5-16 ounces) heavier than the A-5 depending on configuration.
  • Stock X-7 comes with the very popular "low profile" cyclone hopper
  • The E-grip uses a Hall Effect Sensor (HES) trigger instead of a physical micro switch.

While the X-7 shares the same barrel threads as the A-5, its body design has been altered so most A-5 accessories (stocks, magazines, pneumatics) can not be used on the X-7.

The X-7 currently comes in three stock variations:

  • Basic X-7
  • Response Trigger
  • E-Grip

The stock Basic X-7 includes:

  • Magnesium receiver which is lightweight and durable
  • Cyclone EP (Enhanced Performance) system feeds up to 20 BPS
  • Air-thru stock compatible system eliminates gas line under the marker
  • Low profile, offset hopper for clear sight line
  • Modular shroud with four rails to add on sights and scopes
  • AR15 style magazine with built in tool storage
  • Picatinny top rail to easily add new risers, sights or handles
  • Upgraded adjustable rear site helps with long range aiming
  • Push pin design for easy field stripping and accessory add ons
  • Maintenance pack, barrel sleeve, and gun oil

Caliber: 0.68
Action: Semi-automatic
Hopper Capacity: 200
Feed rate: 20 BPS
Power: CO2, compressed air, nitrogen
CO2 Capacity: NA
Trigger: Standard
Length: 20 inches
Firing rate: Up to 20 BPS
Barrel length: 8.5 inches
Weight: 4.1 lbs. (without tank)

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