Wednesday, July 15, 2009


General Safety Tips:

•Keep your mask (full face mask, not just goggles) on at all times when on a field or playing somewhere else with friends.

•When not playing, barrel plugs or condoms should be in use at all times.

•Markers should be shooting (chronoed) under 300 fps (feet per second).

Never look down the barrel of a marker.

•Always be careful when unscrewing a tank from a gun. If the brass fitting isn’t moving, stop.

•Only wear masks that are made specifically for paintball.

•Never try to take a tank apart to try an repair it. Take it to someone who is qualified to do it.

•Keep markers and tanks out of direct sunlight when not playing.

•Replace your lens as needed. Never play with cracked or broken lens.

•Make sure any tank you use is up to date.(hydro date)

•Never shoot someone with the barrel directly touching their body.

•Never use a damaged CO2 or HPA tank.

•Never alter your equipment unless you are 100% sure know what you are doing.

•Keep yourself hydrated while playing; drink lots of water, even if you're not really thirsty.

•Stretch before you play.

•Never over fill a tank.

•Never assume that a marker is empty.

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