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MARKER REVIEW 5 : Smart Parts SP1

Smart Parts SP1

Enter Smart Parts SP1 Tactical Scenario Paintball Gun. A true scenario paintball marker that's not only MilSim (Military Simulation) looking, but also very very affordable. How cheap you ask? Smarts Parts MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) is $150 bucks! Let me say now, that I'm sure Smart Parts was trying to steal some of the market from Tippmann Paintball here.

(Note: Tippmann is a world leader in paintball gun manufacturing).

So what's so great about the Smart Parts SP1? Well, besides the obvious price factor, the SP1 is durable, efficient, and looks like a real MilSim Paintball Marker. I think one of the coolest things about the SP1 is the ability to mount almost anything you can on it. What do I mean by this? Smart Parts has gone ahead and added tactical rails galore all over the SP1 (Note: Tactical Rails are used for mounting additional accessories on the SP1) for added effect. I will go over what you can mount on the SP1 a little later.

Smart Parts SP1 Paintball Gun & Marker ReviewIf you're just starting out in the paintball scenario scene, or paintball in general for that matter, look no further. So chillax and sit back, I'm going to go through the good and the bad of the SP1 and hopefully by the end you'll have a better understanding of this truly wicked scenario marker.

~ Core Features ~ What's it Got? ~

  • Durable Lightweight Construction - Smart Parts last attempt at a MilSim marker was the SP8. The SP8 turned out to be pretty hefty, long, and not very practical. The SP1 is made from glass-fiber reinforced nylon which gives the SP1 it's lightweight and military like durability.
  • Ion Bolt And Valve System - The Ion bolt system is derived from the successful Smart Parts Ion Paintball marker. The Ion bolt is very good for reducing overall recoil, sound, and provides the most consistent shooting. The rear accessible bolt also makes for easy cleaning after a day out painting your friends.
  • Tactical Rails All Over - They don't call it the SP1 Tactical Paintball Gun for nothing. Situated nearly all over the marker are tactical rails. You can mount just about anything to add that extra edge over your buddies on the field. What can you mount? Add flashlights, scopes, night vision scopes, point sights, and grenade launchers, and more!
Smart Parts SP1 Paintball Gun & Marker Review
  • Affordability - Smart Parts MSRP of $150! - Now it doesn't get much better then that, unless you're buying the crappy markers from Wal-Mart.
  • MilSim Looks - Who doesn't want that military look?. The SP1 just adds to the adrenaline pump you'll get playing scenario woodsball.
  • Tactical Rails - What can we say here.. other then.. they are... ALL OVER THE GUN. They also have an integrated flashlight mount right out of the box.
  • Accepts both types of Propellants - HPA (high pressure air) and CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • Weight - The SP-1 is 2 pounds and 6 ounces, this makes it easy for you to maneuver on the battlefield.
  • Cleaning and maintaining your SP1 is easy - all you have to do is remove the rear cap and bolt and lube her up!
  • It shoots 11 bps (balls per second)
  • You might notice that that the battery will rattle around a bit
  • There's been lots of talk about the placement of the feed neck (Note: this is the part of the gun where your hopper attaches to).
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