Thursday, July 2, 2009

MARKER REVIEW 4 : Tippmann Bravo One Tactical

Tippmann Bravo One Tactical

The Alpha Black, also called U.S. Army Alpha Black, is the newest addition to the Tippmann family. The most popular version of this marker is called Tactical and looks like an M4 Carbine. The marker comes in four versions :

  • basic that comes with a marker and barrel
  • e-basic that comes with an electronic firing mode
  • most popular version, the tactical, that also includes a stock and handle and looks like M4A1 Carbine
  • tactical electric that comes with the tactical version and the electric firing mode

These markers are designed in partnership with the U.S. Army and are used by soldiers in the Army trainings.

TPN Bravo One™ Tactical Edition includes an M16 style six position collapsible stock and an M16 style shroud with built-in sight. The marker features a realistic military appearance and comes with a high-performance 11" barrel, an integrated carry handle and a removable magazine that doubles as a tool kit. Hopper sold separately.

Caliber: .68
Action: Semi-Automatic (open bolt blow-back)
Power: CO2, compressed air, nitrogen
Hopper Capacity: 200
Trigger: Standard
Length: 28.63 - 32.5 inches
CO2 Capacity: NA
Firing rate: 8 BPS
Barrel length: 11 inches
Effective Range: 150+ ft
Weight: 4.73 lbs. (without tank)

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